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August 27, 2013
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Do you know that small tingly feeling you get whenever you imagine meeting a celebrity you highly admire?

Times that small tingly feeling by... one hundred, when you're at an awards show and admirable celebrities are just spilling out in front of you like ants from an anthill.

It was the annual European TET (Titan Entertainment Television) Video Music Awards, and the girl was so excited as she stood right behind the rope lining the red carpet.

She wasn't crazy about celebrities, oh no... But since her friends were pumped, she guessed she might as well be excited.

And it's not like the cast of the most famous action-adventure television show, Advancing Titans, was going to make an appearance.


The booming music from outdoor-overhead speakers were muffled by even louder screams as the tenth or so shiny and charcoal-black limo pulled up. A man in a suit opened the back door, and out stepped one of the biggest stars in Europe:

Levi. The French actor casually stepped onto the red velvet carpet in a crisp black suit and satin white tie, a pair of glistening shades in his hand. His bored expression was ever so permanently on his flawless face, nodding charmingly at the females in the crowd.

Girlish, ear-splitting screams droned the girl's head, and she had to clamp her hands over the sides of her head.

Damn, those fangirls were loud!

Behind him jumped out Hanji Zoe, another extremely talented actress who wowed everyone with her eccentric theatrical skills. The woman was not wearing her signature black-rimmed glasses, her brown hair tied up on a messy, yet fashionable ponytail. She wore a suit and tie as well, but hers had a more feminine touch and was more like a dress and tie, with a few white ribbons tracing her sides and frilly, lacy ruffles draping the end of her dress, going just past her knees. At her feet were low-heeled red pumps, matching the carpet.

God, these celebrities were gorgeous.

"It's Levi and Hanji!" her friend screamed right next to her, shaking the girl's arm. "OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE IIIT!"

"Calm down!" the girl cried, tugging at her irritable, pink silk dress. "The awards hadn't even started! Jeez!"

But the people around her kept on shouting and screaming, jumping up and down like they seriously had to pee.

Cameras flashed, almost making her dizzy. There were so many lights... This has got to be bad for the environment.

She watched, slightly bored, as more celebrities walked down the carpet. Even celebrities from other countries were invited to the iconic Video Music Awards. She caught a glimpse of Ciel Phantomhive, a young actor hailing from England, with his ever-so-loyal butler Sebastian Michaelis, who acted with him. Both of them gave everyone smug yet lovable little smirks, wearing very fancy and expensive tuxedos. She saw the Nevada-American actress Maka Albarn walking down the carpet, waving her long, beautiful blond pigtails around and spinning the skirt of her cute plaid mini dress, earning a cheer from the crowd of fans. Next to her was nearly the entire cast of the Japanese horror... and potentially pornographic... show High School of the Dead. The actresses wore (of course) revealing, skimpy silk dresses, with plenty of shining jewelry and six-inched, diamond-laced high heels.

Then in came even more celebrities. Shiro, the albino actress, skipped down the red carpet in a dazzling white tube dress, followed by Re-L Mayer, the Russian actress from the show Ergo Proxy. Behind her walked through Howl, the dashing actor who self-starred in the hit movie Howl's Moving Castle. Behind him was Edward Elric, mumbling a "whoa!" when a cameraman got a little too close for comfort with his fucking flash-camera. A few feet behind Edward was the dimwitted, yet talented actor Issei Hyōdō from yet another porny show, High School DxD. Actors Monkey D. Luffy (still wearing that straw hat even with a tux...), Naruto Uzumaki, and Rin Okumura yelled in delight as fans tried to grab them from behind the velvet ropes.

"HEY!" the girl's friend cried out, pulling violently on her arm. "[Name]!! It's HIM! It's HIMM! AHHHHHHHH!"

The girl shook her head. "W-What? Who? Look, Kia, they're all people just like us. The only difference is the shitload of meaningless money they have--"


The familiar voice got her to shoot her eyes towards the limo at the end of the red carpet. Standing right outside the opened door was...

...Oh my.

The girl couldn't help but blush, her friend screaming in joy and squealing next to her.

Eren Jaeger looked around, a tinge of nervousness in his emerald eyes. Coughing into his fist unprofessionally, he fidgeted in his sleek, black suit and tie. His brown hair was nice ad brushed back, showing off that cute widow's-peak in his hairline. He gave the huge crowd of people on either side of him his signature grin, which was crooked from maybe anxiety.

"It... It's him," she breathed as the young German actor casually walked down the carpet, followed by even more stars. He looked as if he felt out of place... Can't blame him. As talented as he was, he was still a newcomer. Advancing Titans was what made him blow up, splattering all over the media with his newly-discovered acting skills.

Female interviewers in expensive, fitted dresses bombarded him, asking the boy a dozen questions about Advancing Titans and "beef" with his costars and other actors. He did the usual thing and answered honestly and coolly, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"This..." the girl sighed to herself, " going to be a long night."

Her eyes were glued to Eren Jaeger as he walked closer to where she stood. Other girls elbowed her and pushed her out of the way, screaming, "I LOVE YOU!" to the actor, just as they were doing to all the other sexy celebrities.

Eren's cheeks got a little tinted the more the girls screamed and cried for him. "Aha, th-thanks, girls! Hope you have a great night at the awards, a--"

A used thong hits him in the face.

Cue more girlish screams.

The girl gaped as another crazy fangirl shoved her out of the way to attempt to grab celebrities.

"That is so disgusting!" she said, but the noises and screaming and music was too loud for anyone to hear her. By now, the crowd was getting even more crowded, unfamiliar bodies pinned against her. Various brands of perfume clogged her nostrils, making her sneeze.

It was making her claustrophobic...!

Eren let the thong fall from his face to his right hand, his face even redder as he raised his eyebrows. "Well, thanks, I guess," he said, staring at the group of Barbie-doll-wannabe-looking girls squealing at him. Those green eyes looked into every single makeup-caked face there was in this crowd, doing as asked as some fans asked for a quick hug.

The girl sighed as he embraced his other fans a bit awkwardly. Was she the only one not dying in screams in this awards show? I mean, the awards show hadn't even started, and bitches were already going nuts!

You know a couple girls were almost killed when actor L Lawliet from Death Note got out of his limo? These fangirls... They get insane, especially in these European TET award shows. The best of the best make appearances, and sometimes that means someone will get trampled over for the sake of touching the actors.


It wasn't too long till the girl turned to see where Eren Jaeger had gone...and stopped when she realized he was looking right at her.

Her eyes literally widened. "U-Uh... I'm a b-b-big fan," she stuttered as his sweet green eyes gazed at her.

He raised an eyebrow, scratching his cheek with the hand holding the used thong. "Are you sure?" he teased, embracing her and ignoring the insane fangirls around her.

Her heart just stopped. Swear to god, it did.

Beads of sweat formed in her palms, and she froze in her place even after Eren let go of her. Her face... it felt like Mexican summer in her face.

Remember that small, tingly feeling? Yeah, now it's almost as worse as diarrhea.

"You aren't screaming and crying like a fucking psycho," he grinned from ear to ear, the girl still just staring wide-eyed at him.

"I-I swear, I am," she stammered, looking anywhere but his face. "I-I-I mean... I'm really a big fan!"

He was actually talking to her... The lead actor of Advancing Titans and the only actor she even cared about was TALKING TO HER!

She saw something flash in his eyes, but soon it was gone. He pulled out the red rose pinned on his suit and handed it to her, managing to keep it away from other crazy fangirls trying to grab it for themselves.

Without a word, Eren handed the extremely starstruck girl his rose, an award-winning smile on his face.

Another's Mei Misaki nudged Eren's arm as she passed. "Eren, hurry. The show is about to start, they said," she informed him.

"Come on!" actress Inori said in her sing-song voice, her beautiful, colorful dress bellowing around her dainty feet. She turned to Maebara Keiichi and his Higurashi costar Rena and whispered something to them, their joyful laughter adding to the already-loud atmosphere.

And just like that... Eren Jaeger was gone. Other celebrities passed by, camera flashes blinding her and more screams filling her ear drums. She was surprised she could still hear.

" going to be a long night," she mumbled.
This was so fun to write honestly XDDD and if you were wondering--yes, it was inspired by last Sunday's MTV VMA's (which I didn't even get to watch because my dad fucking cut off MTV from our cable :icony-u-noplz:)

(Can I interject for a moment about the VMA's, though? I know about Miley Cyrus of course, and...oh my god. Before this day I never even cared about her. She wants to try and be a slut? Okayyy...? Whatever, I guess, happens a lot and I don't care for those people anyway. BUT THAT? WTF WAS THAT? Robin Thicke is married, Miley. After writing this I'm gonna go read how his wife reacted to Miley's uncalled-for twerking. :iconlololololplz:
But, Miley? Why, just why? I literally went, :iconwtfnoplz: when I saw her saggy ass in that nude bra panty thingy, whatever the hell she was wearing. That wasn't even stripper-worthy. Or sexually appealing, like those other all-show-no-talent girls in Hollywood. And that tongue? I almost barfed in my mouth. That whole thing she did was too slutty and trashy to just call slutty and trashy. Sorry, and I thought she was an ounce better than that.

Maybe she was drunk and high. No way was she sober.)

I know Eren's last name is Yeager...but I like Jaeger better lol. There wasn't even any real fluff, I'm sorry :iconifailedplz: I didn't know where to squeeze in something, anything. Gahhhh >n< Don't even consider this Eren Jaeger x Reader :iconpapplz: Not even any romance... Fucking shit, to hell with this failed fanfiction!

I'd really want to make more parts, since this was still rather fun to write, but what do you think??

I have never even watched some of the shows I mentioned :iconlolnopeplz: aha... u///u well I've watched at least one or two episodes of all of them, but some I never finished because they were soooooo boring *cough* ERGO PROXY *cough*

Thank you for reading anyways :D

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